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  • Açai pulp

    Acai juice, as it is known in the Northeast and Southeast regions of Brazil has become a fever among health culture enthusiasts and gym goers. In the Amazon region, the acai fruit is an important product in the daily diet of local populations for its high nutritional values. It is harvested from August to December.

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    Availabe formats for sale:

    • Embalagem (100g)
    • Embalagem (1,02kg)
    • Pack (6kg)
    • Pack (24kg)
    • Balde (22 litros)
    • Tonel (200 litros)
    79 Calories (Kcal)
    2,6 Fibers (g)
    9 Vitamin C (mg)
    54 Fats (g)
    Nutrients Benefits
    Antioxidant action Promotes a rejuvenating action, besides preventing blood diseases.
    High calcium concentration The high concentration of calcium present in acai helps in strengthening and forming bones and teeth, preventing diseases such as hypertension and osteoporosis.
    High protein content In addition to being a natural muscle accelerator, acai strengthens the immune system and assists in fighting infections.
    High concentration of vitamins, carbohydrates and B complex The combination of these nutrients increases energy for physical activity, as well as helps fight insomnia.

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