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  • Acerola Pulp

    Originating in Central America, acerola or “antilles cherry” reached the current highlight from the finding of high levels of Vitamin C, at levels 100 times higher than orange and lemon. It is currently widely cultivated in several Brazilian regions, especially the North and Northeast of the country. Its harvest occurs all year round.

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    Availabe formats for sale:

    • Embalagem (100g)
    • Embalagem (500g)
    • Embalagem (1,02kg)
    • Pack (6kg)
    • Pack (24kg)
    • Balde (22 litros)
    • Tonel (200 litros)
    23 Calories (Kcal)
    0,7 Fibers (g)
    1.400 Vitamin C (mg)
    0,0 Fats (g)
    Nutrients Benefits
    Rich in mineral salts The mineral salts present in acerola offer remineralizing property in stressed and tired skin. Already mucilages and proteins, are responsible for hydration and conditioning hair.
    Lots of Antioxidants Assists in preventing premature cell aging.
    High Vitamin C Due to its large amount of asboric acid, acerola becomes a great ally in the fight against flu and cold.
    Scurvy acid Scorbutic acid acts against cellular aging thanks to its antioxidant and free radical scavenging action.

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