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  • Acerola with Pitaya

    Smooth-tasting pulp with improved color, rich in vitamin C and may also help prevent weight gain.

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    Availabe formats for sale:

    • Embalagem (100g)
    • Embalagem (1,02kg)
    • Pack (6kg)
    • Pack (24kg)
    • Balde (22 litros)
    • Tonel (200 litros)
    22 Calories (Kcal)
    0,0 Fibers (g)
    33 Vitamin C (mg)
    0,0 Fats (g)
    Nutrients Benefits
    Contains Vitamin C Fighting free radicals responsible for cancer and aging, as well as helping to prevent colds and flu.
    Help in weight loss Being rich in water and fiber increase the feeling of satiety.

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