Responsible cultivation allows for plentiful harvests and forest preservation

Along their history, CAMTA members learned to respect the soil and peculiarities of their environment. Early on, they understood that the Amazon region deserves respect and, when well treated, it bears abundant fruit.

Conscientious production, which values and respects the forest, is at the core of the regional economy. This ensures ongoing production, respecting local culture and eating habits, while guaranteeing the commercialization of products generated in the continuous and sustainable production chain.

Viveiro de mudas.

CAMTA is concerned with global climate change, and believes that by raising the awareness of its members and producers, through SAFTA, they can contribute to reduced forest degradation and decreased negative impacts.


The Tomé-Açu Agroforestry System, our SAFTA, differs from other agroforestry systems (SAFs), in that it cultivates agricultural, fruit and forest crops in the same area. Mainly short-cycle crops (such as rice, maize, beans, passion fruit, papaya, and banana), medium cycle (such as black pepper, cocoa, açaí, and palm oil), and long term (such as crabwood, mahogany).

Awards: recognition of the SAFTA technology

  1. Prêmio Nacional de Desenvolvimento Regional (1º lugar) – “80 Anos da Imigração Japonesa na Amazônia”. Sistema Agroflorestal: uma Solução para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável na Amazônia. 2010.
  2. Chico Mendes Award – “80 Years of the Japanese Immigration in the Amazon”. Cooperative Develops Sustainable Agribusiness. 2010.
  3. Conscientious Entrepreneurship Award by Banco da Amazônia. 2010.
  4. International Quality Award “Cocoa of Excellence”, Salon du Chocolat – Paris. 2010.
  5. FINEP Award (Financier of Innovation Studies and Projects) – CAMTA / SAFTA – Sustainable Social Technology in the Amazon. 2011.
  6. Green Awards Research and Development Award – Tomé-Açu Agroforestry System – SAFTA – A solution for sustainable development in the Amazon. 2012.
  7. Banco do Brasil Foundation Award – Tomé-Açu Agroforestry System / SAFTA – Social Technology of the Amazon. 2013.
  8. FINEP Award (1st place in the North Region) – CAMTA / SAFTA – Sustainable Social Technology in the Amazon. 2014.
  9. Amazon Company Award (1st place) – Sammuel Benchimol / Banco da Amazônia.

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